The objectives of the Malam Mesra in Kuala Lumpur was to bring Penang Datos based in Kuala Lumpur closer to Datos based in Penang. It was also an opportune time to network and share the achievements of the Majlis with a wider sector of the community. Dato' Vaseehar Hassan bin Abdul Razack was appointed Chairman of the Majlis. His committee comprised Dato' Shaik Sulaiman. Dato' Zainul Azman, Dato' Hj Abdul Razak Majid, En. Shaik Aqmal and Cik Shaheen Zaffar. Special invited guests and donors were Dato' Krishman Tan from IJM Corporation Berhad, Dato'Lau Kim Khoon and Datin from Multi-Purpose Insurans, Dato' Abdul Halim bin Harun and Datin from Northport (Malaysia) Bhd. Individual donors were Dato' Anwarrudin Ahamad Osman and Datin and Tan Sri Zain Ibrahim Zain and Datin. Dato' Seri Kalimullah attended as Corporate Sponsor, ECM Libra Foundation Chairman. ECM Libra Foundation donated RM50, 000 to three schools in Penang selected by TYT, namely St. Nicholas Home, SMKT Jl. Sungai and Penang Free School.TYT and Toh Puan attended as Guests of Honour of the Majlis. Altogether about 120 attended the dinner held at Westin Hotel.

The evening began with the arrival of guests entertained to cocktails before the arrival of TYT and Toh Puan. The affair began half an hour late due to a faulty lift which jammed with the guests of honour, TYT, Toh Puan and some members of the Majlis's committee in it. TYT and Toh Puan however were in good spirits after the rescue and guests clapped in appreciation when he walked in.

The entertainment arranged by Nostalgia Klasik Enterprise was spectacular and the music of Ahmad Nawab was perfect for Penangnites who have romanticised visions of old Penang . Speeches by Dato' Markend Joshi, the President and Dato' Vaseehar Hassan, the Chairman were well received. The food was good served as a gigantic nasi campur fine dining which went down very well with guests.

The evening ended at 11.15 pm after TYT and Toh Puan went round the tables to greet guests which were deeply appreciated.

The writer was stuck in the lift with TYT and Toh Puan and witnessed his gentlemanly character. Although we asked Toh Puan and him to be rescued first, he refused and waited until all the women had left the lift. He was gracious, charming and dignified, even under such stressful circumstances.

I will always remember Tun for this-a gentleman before a statesman.... Wazir Jahan Karim.

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