Courtesy Visit To The New Chief Police Officer of Penang

The Majlis Pengurusan paid a courtesy visit to the new Penang’s Chief Police Officer (CPO), YDH. CP Dato’ Khaw Kok Chin on the 28th June 2023.

The CPO and his team were on hand to receive the delegation, including YDH. SAC Rahimi Bin Ra’ais, Acting Deputy CPO who is also the State CID chief, YDH. ACP Nasri Bin Jamaluddin, Deputy Chief of the Special Branch, YDH. SUPT Lee Kuok Jin, from the Management Department and other senior officers.

Among the members of the Majlis Pengurusan who joined the visit led by President Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Hj. Abdul Rafique Abdul Karim were;

i. Deputy President Dato’ Seri Choot Ewe Seng,

ii. Vice President II Dato’ Seri R. Arunasalam,

iii. Secretary Dato’ Seri Tan Gin Soon,

iv. Council Member Dato’ Malkit Singh and

v. Executive Secretary & Treasurer Mr. Paul Ang.

The event was held at the Bilik Tetamu Seri Mutiara, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Pulau Pinang.

The visit to YDH. CP Dato’ Khaw was a familiarization session and to strengthen existing working relationship between the Majlis Pengurusan and the Police force.

The Majlis Pengurusan exchanged various views and issues with the CPO which are concerned to the Majlis Dato’ Dato’ Negeri Pulau Pinang all these whiles.

Issues such as fake Dato’s by individuals and Car Badges topped the list.

The CPO assured the Majlis Pengurusan that if any members were to come across or spot anyone using fake ‘Dato’ titles and in possession of the Majlis’s Car Badge illegally, once Police Report is lodged, the police would take serious action against them as in accordance to the existing law.

On the other hand, the CPO suggested that if any members of the Majlis were to be arrested, and once they have been proven to commit any crimes, the Police will inform the Majlis Pengurusan for further disciplinary action to be taken against the individual including removal of the person from membership.

Both parties also discussed on the cooperation for joint programs and activities to be conducted jointly in the near future.

Events and programs planned and carried out would benefit the police community and members of the public as well.

Hence, to start the ball rolling, the President came out with the idea of having a blood donation campaign with the police to collect blood supply for the Blood Bank of the General Hospital whom are at a low level recently.

This is the first joint program for the Society, whereby the police force would come forward to donate blood to benefit the people of Penang.

Details are underway for the proposed program where both parties shall converge to meet to make this event a success!

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